Monday, August 17, 2015

Working by Night Packing by Day....except for right now

I'm in the clearing out stage of packing right now. You know the junk that accumulates without you even realizing it.  Why does it always take a move to realize you really don't need to truck along again that dress that you wore back in high school, or yes you can get rid of those black boots from sophomore year of College.  Do I really need four apple chords that are no longer compatible with my current phone or ipad?  It's only 10:42 and stage one of "Get rid of it" already has me looking for a more fun distraction. So, I thought I would post a place of my happy place.  The Lake! And what makes that happy place even better?  Spending it with loved ones. That's where I would rather be right now. Who wouldn't? 

Happy Monday Everyone!

Tuesday, July 28, 2015

High Adventure

It feels like we have been talking and preparing for this High Adventure for like ever.  But time flew by and before we knew it we were off.  Our youth program at church planned a 25 mile backpacking trip for the girls and 55 mile one for the boys. The girls got to meet up with the boys half way. I will forever remember this trip. Watching the kids dig deep within themselves to find strength they did not think they could muster was such a beautiful thing to watch.  You could actually see when they were searching for that strength and you knew exactly through their eyes when they found it and decided to just run with it. In that moment you could just see light and energy just oozing out of them.

The kids taught me so much about looking to one another for support, and helping to lift each other's loads, both physically and emotionally.  There was plenty of stumbling, blisters, mental hurdles, and at times tears. But, there was also plenty of laughter, courage, service, determination, and beauty.  It is during our hardest moments in life that we find who we really are.  And, from what I was able to witness these kids are on a path to be truly wonderful human beings.  

est. July 2015
Five Mile High Adventure Rock Stars

- Also it was more like a 28-29 mile hike. But, 25 according to the Rippy Mile ;0)

pics via camera and iphone.  All will be provided on CD to youth leaders to be made available.